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Importance of Hiring an Independent Testing Team for your Development Projects

Sep 23, 2019//

Software Testing, Basics


Software testing is an investigation performed with the motive to provide stakeholders with proper knowledge regarding the quality of the software product.

The testing techniques primarily involve the process of execution of a program or application, in order to find the software bugs, errors or other defects and making sure that the software is perfectly fit for use.



The major cause for a loophole in the testing process remains the prevailing gap between the project team (development team) and the testing team.

AppSierra, a renowned Information Technology agency in India, has an experienced testing team, providing the finest quality performance testing services in India.


The Initial Software Development Lifecycle



Software development Lifecycle (SDLC) is a process used by the software industry. It is put to use by the industry to design, develop and test high-quality software. SDLC seeks to produce an excellent quality software, which fulfils and exceeds the customer expectations, reaches completion within a prescribed amount of time and adheres to the proper cost estimate.


Software Development Procedure



Software Development Procedure, another name for the software development lifecycle takes into account as we know the entire process for a software project, within a software organization. It comprises of a detailed plan talking about the development, maintenance, replacement, or enhancement of a particular software. Hence we see that the lifecycle elucidates the method for improving the software quality and the overall development process.


A Normal Software Development Comprises Of Six Stages.


  1. First Planning and Requirement Analysis take into account the expectations of the customer, the sales department, market surveys and domain experts in the industry. This info is utilized to plan out the basic project and further undertake a study regarding the economic, operational and technical areas.

  2. Second, Defining, this process is undertaken to define and document the product requirements and get them authenticated by the customers.

  3. The third step caters to the designing of the product architecture.

  4. In the fourth stage or the building stage, the actual development starts and the product is built.

  5. Fifth being the testing stage, the product gets reported, fixed, tracked and retested unless the product attains its specific quality standards.

  6. The final or the deployment stage signifies the final release of the product in the appropriate market. It might happen all at once or in stages as per the business strategy of the organization.


Defects, Bugs and Faults in Software Testing



  • A defect in software testing refers to an error or a bug in the application created. It’s natural for a programmer to create mistakes while designing or building the software, these are referred to as the defects or bugs.

  • At times when the result or output, doesn’t satisfy the user expectations or the software requirements, then it leads to a bug or a defect. These bugs come to being because of some error in logic or in coding, this leads to the failure of the final end product.

  • While conducting the software application testing process, if we have a huge number of defects, then it leads to the product or the application being called a “Buggy”.

  • Whenever a bug or a defect is analyzed by a tester, he/she is expected to convey the same to the developers. The bugs are reported in detailed steps and are known as bug reports, issue reports, problem reports etc.


A Few Benefits of Independent Testing


  1. An independent tester or an independent testing team is able to discover a huge variety of different defects than a tester working with the programming team or a tester who’s a developer by profession. As a developer’s mindset is more of a constructive one whereas a tester’s mindset is usually a little destructive.

  2. Professional business analysts, marketing staff, designers, and programmers have their own assumptions and beliefs for the specification and implementation of the items under test but an independent tester has a totally different line of thinking which easily exposes all the hidden defects and problems.

  3. There is a certain level of honesty, in the case of an independent tester while reporting to the senior management, he is able to report without any concerns about ruining a co-workers reputation.

  4. An independent testing team normally means a separate and efficient budget. This makes sure that a proper amount of money is utilized on testing tools, tester training etc.


The Advantages of Having an Independent Testing Team at Appsierra



  • The team at AppSierra engages in a bias-free procedure thereby confirming that the end-product meets the customer's satisfaction and fulfils their requirements while maintaining the standards.

  • The best of talent is hired across each of the testing domains like automation testing, manual testing, load testing, security testing, etc.

  • Reduced failure rates and lower maintenance costs are ensured. Rigorous testing cycles for both functional and non-functional aspects are performed.

  • There is an increased amount of time for marketing to organizations having an independent testing practice.

  • Can quite easily shift between automation testing and manual testing according to the organization's requirements, as we already possess the finest talent and expertise to do so.

Just like we value independence because of the unbiased and productive results that it ensures, independent testing is a vital factor, if the quality of the product is required. Independence makes sure that there is no bias. Independence confirms quality. Independence ensures that the customer gets value for their hard earned money. So, don’t delay, if you still don’t have a testing team to test the software created by your team for bugs and errors, contact AppSierra a leading IT company situated in Noida, India, also considered to be the provider of best quality assurance services in India.

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