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Latest Trends In Software Testing You Never Knew About

Sep 23, 2019//

How many of you are keen on knowing about the recent trends in Software Testing? Software Testing methodologies have changed a lot in the past decade. New approaches like the waterfall approach for testing involving a step-by-step method is the new mantra in the Software Testing world, due to which it has become a little hard for manual testers to survive.

The testing team at AppSierra, a provider of premier software QA services has implemented these latest trends in their software testing strategy, have you?


IoT Is Here To Stay


IoT stands for the Internet of things. It is the network of gadgets, vehicles and home appliances that contain electronics, software, actuators and connectivity which allows these things to connect, interact and exchange data.

Some latest reports state that by 2020, more than 30 billion devices will be connected to the net. In the year 2009, the majority of the devices were cell phones, personal computers and tablets but in another year or two, the devices will be of a greater variety. Testing various hardware and software connected to the internet will bring about random headaches for the IoT QA teams. Testers need to test every single IoT product for its functionality, reliability and effectiveness, which is on number 1 priority.


Agile + DevOps Will Continue To Rock The Software Testing World



More than half of the software testing companies in the U.S.A and the rest of the world are deciding to implement DevOps in some or the other way because of its utility. The central principle to a DevOps culture is to help the teams work together without any hindrance. Most of the automation Testing Analysts already belong to the agile teams. For DevOps, test automation is a compulsion and test automation engineers are contributing to the process of verification of requirements, the configuration of tools, etc. In the near future, QA and Testing professionals are going to work together to improve the quality and speed up the delivery process.


The Growing Love For Open Source Tools



Open Source Tool is a phrase used to refer to a program or tool that performs a specific task, in which the source code is openly published for use and modification from its original design, free of charge.

Did you know that Software Testers absolutely adore every open source tool? Open Source Tools are soon going to take over the world. The Large IT agencies will be seen taking help from open source tools for the implementation of Agile, DevOps, visualizations, QA, Testing and Cloud Technologies. The world will soon witness a sudden influx of open source tools.


Performance Engineering Taking The Upper Hand Over Performance Testing



Improved user experience increases the rate of success in the market. This is why Performance Engineering is gaining more importance than Performance Testing. With the addition of agile, performance of the app across the different platforms, OS etc needs to be confirmed beforehand. To fulfil the performance needs along with the reduced cost of development, the systematic and quantitative approach is about to be significantly focused on architecture, design and implementation.


The Need For Big Data Testing



Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies point out that big data is about to grow phenomenally in the coming years. Large Datasets will keep growing and the testing teams will need high-level analytical tools involving higher technologies for quick release at the production level and decreasing the time-to-market life cycles.

To stay up to date, the QA professionals’ require to remain updated on the latest and most beneficial testing trends. The only way to be immune to the disturbances in the software industry is to be absolutely ready for the future. The above-mentioned software trends will help testers save their time and efforts in acquiring the proper skills and tools for the coming years.

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